Coding Pro-Practices in C++

Computers and software are growing and expanding in all of society and life’s aspects, from entertainment, to transport, to health. Hardware has continually experienced massive growth, enabling us to carry almost unfathomable power in our pockets, everywhere we go.

Software, however, is not subject to the same leaps in efficiency and performance. Many would argue that the faster hardware gets the lazier developers become and CPU & memory waste becomes more prevalent. We can all think of such a software product.

This course will take attendees on an explorative journey of problem solving using software. As a programming language we’ll be using is C++ 17. This language has a two-fold reputation, on one side for performance and efficiency but on the other for memory management issues and lack of libraries. Programming languages and libraries are only tools, and like all tools, it is up to those using them to do so in an efficient manner, to understand their applicability and limitations.

As proficient as one can get at programming, they will certainly be even better if functioning harmoniously as part of a team. Great software is written by teams. Teams are made of people and people are complicated. We’ll see how teams interact, what the common pitfalls are and learn how to be a better team player.

The last day of the course will be a workshop; we’ll put to use the concepts explored previously. Our goal will be to arrive at a reliable, fool-resistant long-term solution to a real problem, to code like a pro.


  • Format: 3 days x 2h
  • Difficulty: intermediate

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