You’ll Neversea Algorithms Like These

Is the performance still relevant in these days when the hardware is becoming more and more efficient and the computation costs goes down?

Now you can even use computation services without bothering of managing physical hardware, is there any reason why you should think about the performance and efficiency?

I’ll give you two reasons why you should think twice before you’ll choose to implement a naive solution instead of a natural algorithmical approach.

  • Our time: How long are you willing to wait for a maps application to load the best route?
  • Energy consumption: How often are you willing to charge your phone? How would it affect the climate change?

Well, let’s try together to get some insights in some algorithms and their application in the real world, how we can solve some challenging tasks and make our lives easier.

What’s inside for you:

  • Stack and Queue
  • Recursion
  • Binary search
  • Hash Table
  • Graphs and Trees
  • Heap Structure
  • Splay Tree
  • Topological Sort


  • Format: 3 courses x 2h
  • Difficulty: intermediate

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