C++17/20 STL<Essentials>

Since I was a student, twenty years ago, until today C++ has been a staple diet in universities across the globe. But “C++ as a first language”… really? Why?

Performance has always been the goal for C++ and that can frequently come in conflict with teachability & learning. First, students have to get over the hurdle of being algorithmic thinkers and then we can give them a language that has these sharp edges.

Is this a lost cause? I think not. Modern C++ is simpler and safer, after 40 years of legacy and improvements.

“The king is dead, long live the king!”

This workshop assumes familiarity with the C++ language as we’ll focus just on modern facilities in the language and standard library. We’ll take a deep dive into STL algorithms and data structures, both in design and examples.


  • Format: 3 courses x 2h
  • Difficulty: intermediate

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