So You Think You Can # (Hash)

Most programming languages offer some kind of associative “arrays” or containers. They may be called differently: maps, dictionaries, hash-maps, unordered-maps, hash-tables, etc.

If you’ve never heard of them, this workshop is for you. If you’ve seen them before, but you’re not sure which one to use for a particular task, this workshop is for you. If you’re confident in using such fast lookup structures, great! But you’ll still be surprised by the details we’re going to cover in this lecture.

After this journey from the very basics of lookup data structures up to advanced hashing techniques, you’ll feel more confident when & how to use them effectively.

This workshop assumes familiarity with the C++ language, as we’ll focus on hashing facilities in the standard library and beyond. We’ll take a deep dive into hashing algorithms and hashed data structures, both in design and examples.


  • Format: 2 courses x 2h
  • Difficulty: intermediate

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